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Pro•Line Sports Gut 2011


After successfully telling every sports bettor in Ontario to listen to their Sports Gut, The Hive knew we had to continue the Sports Gut story in a fresh, new way that would resonate with and entertain both core and casual Pro•Line players.

For Sports Gut’s second year, we decided to focus on the other people who may try to influence your picks and why listening to them might not work out for you. This idea was brought to life on television with three 15-second spots, along with print and online executions.



You can always trust your Sports. He may not always be right, but he does have your best interests in mind. He is after-all, a part of you. He is YOUR Sports Gut.  That’s why, for over a year we’ve been telling people to “Listen to Your Sports Gut.”

But the truth is, your Sports Gut isn’t the only one with an opinion on tonight’s games. There are lots of other people out there who have something to say. People like the annoying co-worker, the friend who never shuts up and the passive-aggressive father-in-law. Sure you COULD listen to these people, but The Hive and our collective Sports Guts strongly recommend against it.

Plus, there’s nothing better than ignoring those guys and rubbing it in after the game, when Your Sports Gut was right and they were wrong.