Make Your Face A Maynards

What We Did

To bring Maynards back to the top of consumers’ minds in a cluttered confectionary category, The Hive created a campaign that invited consumers to engage with the Maynards brand in a way no one has ever engaged with a brand ever. EVER! How? By giving consumers the chance to actually become a delicious Maynards candy.
We created a 360-degree program that included TV, OOH, interior transit, cinema posters, interactive digital boards, online banners and promotional packaging. All roads led to Maynards’ Facebook page where consumers could upload a picture of their best candy face and use our Make Your Face a Maynards app to turn their face into a Fuzzy Peach, a Sour Patch Kid, a Sour Cherry Blaster or a Swedish Berry.
After candifying their faces, participants weren’t just given a fun downloadable and sharable candy version of their faces, they were also given 2 videos for them to send their friends to make it look like they were already chosen to be the next Candy. One featured an ‘unboxing’ video of the user opening a box of their candies. The second one featured amateur footage of them filming a billboard that advertising their new candy. But here’s the kicker, in addition to getting all this fun, shareable content, they were also given the chance to become Maynards’ next candy in 2012.

Why We Did It

With all of the loud and outrageous candy advertising out there, breaking through was not going to be an easy task. So we decided that, instead of talking at our target, we would use social media to turn a consumer into the product – something that had never been done before.

Over the last couple of years, there have been innumerable photo manipulation apps on Facebook, but nobody had ever used one to actually change a company’s product line. And so, we gave our target not just a fun interaction with the Maynards brand, very soon, we’ll be giving one lucky consumer the deliciously odd experience of actually becoming a candy that will appear on shelves all across the country.

What Happened

For the duration, over 50,000 new fans joined the Facebook page to create thousands of candy faces. After the program ended an additional 50,000 new fans joined the Facebook page begging to bring back Make Your Face a Maynards for another year.  In addition, Make Your Face a Maynards led to a significant increase in purchase intent (+22%), brand awareness (+24%) and uniqueness (+24%), while also generating over 9 million earned media impressions, including 2.7 million international ones.