Goo Hunter Quest

What We Did

When you’re a kid, Easter pretty much means two things; Cadbury Creme Eggs, and a good old fashion egg hunt. But when you’re in the fickle 18 – 24 age group, a visit from the Easter Bunny is the last thing you’re into. So to reach this target, we decided to update the hunt, taking it to where they eat, sleep and breathe – the Internet. But that wasn’t all. We also knew they were immersed in gaming culture, so we decided to combine everything they love into one spectacular online event called 'Goo Hunter - Quest for The Goo Grail':

Part egg hunt, part video game, part role playing game, Goo Hunter: Quest for the Goo Grail was an adventure that took players on an epic journey through the world wide web, trying to find and unlock Goochievements – our version of the video game ‘achievement’ – collecting weapons and de-gooing Creme Eggs as they went.

Hints to the whereabouts of the Goochievements could be found at From there, players spread across the vast Internet landscape hunting for each unique banner. From ninja stars to a Light Sabre to TNT to a lasso, weapons were created not only to relate to games the target would be familiar with, but also to the websites they were hidden within.



The first twenty to find all twenty unlocked something extraordinary – the Goo Grail. In return, it bestowed on them a privilege given only the very elite – gooternal Internet glory. In other words, their names were immortalized online forever and always for eternity.  

Why We Did It

In a world of fancy apps and Facebook, we relished in the challenge to make banner ads just as relevant and fun.

We wanted to create a digital campaign that was consistent with the in-market television campaign. To that point, the campaign was created using actual size 3-d renderings of the eggs. Only this time, instead of just watching an egg de-goo itself, consumers were invited to do the de-gooing and interact more fully with thebrand.

Aesthetically, by leveraging the old school arcade look and feel, the game had a caché amongst old and new alike, while its simplicity ensured the product popped off any webpage – no matter how cluttered.


What Happened

Within a week of the launch, all twenty Goo Hunters had been accounted for and were gooternally immortalized online. The campaign received close to 14 million impressions and over 520,000 clicks. Overall, Goo Hunter: Quest for the Goo Grail received a 4% click through rate, outstanding considering 1% is the norm.